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Here is what others are saying about I Can Teach My Child to Read.  Feel free to leave your feedback as a comment at the bottom of the post!


“I think you are spot on with everything.  I love that you mention differences in boys/girls.  This is something a lot of people don’t think about nor realize and it matters.”
Emily, Speech Pathologist and Mother of Two


“It’s probably no surprise that I love your topic so I was excited to jump in and read it. You break down the complicated process of learning how to read into easy to follow, manageable steps and I love the hands-on activities you suggest. Really fantastic job!”  -Malia of Playdough to Plato


“There is so much great information for those who are new to teaching their kids as well as a great refresher for experienced parents.”  -Crystal, Former First Grade Teacher and Mother of Two


“I have benefited greatly from this ebook! The 10 steps are easy to understand and implement. Jenae gives tons of ideas that make learning fun and hands-on for your little ones. This book is both theory and practice. It covers the relational side of teaching your child to read as well as the technical. It is a comprehensive and wonderful resource for parents! Definitely something I will refer back to.”  -Kristen from Celebrate Every Day with Me 


“Jenae’s book inspired me to spend more time leading by example reading my own monstrous & ever-growing pile of books, too.  It is just as important to feed my mind as well, and by doing so, I’m feeding theirs, too!  This representation of teaching by example, along with a multitude of insightful points, examples, strategies, and even hands-on activities to create an avid reader in your little one is such a valuable tool for a busy mama.  Take my word for it – find out on your own!    This is a wonderful resource for teaching your child to read in easy-to-understand terms.”  -Melissa from Mama Miss


“I espe­cially love the book list ideas and tips on choos­ing books for Big Brother to read inde­pen­dently. Since he’s our old­est, we’ve never been down this “learn­ing to read” road before, so I’m feel­ing like I can use all the help I can get! Being a mom of all boys (like Jenae), I know that school can some­times be set up “against” boys. I want mine to love school and love read­ing. So, it’s great to have an ebook from another mom and edu­ca­tor who wants the same for her boys!”  -Sara from Mom Endeavors


I Can Teach My Child to Read is a mom’s guide to the basics that I have written about for years.  Jenae and I tend to think alike in terms of early childhood education, I read through her eBook and agreed whole heartedly, I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the whole thing!”  -Carissa from 1+1+1=1

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